Monday, March 18, 2013

"...Mark and Roma, Candor, Hubris, or Grandeur?"

Tell me readers...were these people very calculating, and [intentionally] sinister, meaning to cast aspersions, on the man Barack Obama; or is the whole similarity [purely] coincidental?  Both Mark Burnett and Roma Downey, have been in this business long enough, to know how important it is; to cast the right actor [to fit the part], and expand the audience's belief, of the character!  I'm sure that Roma Downey was aware, that her appearance, and demeanor had a [major] part to play in her being selected; for the character of "Monica", in "Touch By An Angel"!  Why wasn't Downey's character [The Virgin Mary], played by someone; of Moroccan/Middle Eastern ethnicity?  After all, that would have fitted very well with history...I'm sure they could have found some.  Mark Burnett, who produced "Are you smarter than a 5th Grader", should have seen, and known that; it was not a "smart" idea, in the casting of this character...and that it was going to have the impact, that we're seeing!  I'm not trying to imply racism but, they don't help the situation; when all of the others are [generally] Anglos, and not from the region, and/or ethnicity!  When Christians speak of The Bible, the number one figure [and rightfully so], is Jesus Christ; as Christianity, is "the following of Christ"!  Jesus Christ [according to history -- The Bible] was a Jew; yet when casted, and/or depicted in visual settings, he's [almost] always of Anglo descent, with long straight hair, blue or green eyes...this [again] is no accident!  When casting these characters, it appears that the main, or sole purpose [consciously or subconsciously], is to project the sense that HE is Lord, HE is The Most High, HE is good; therefore, HE has to be of Anglo descent!  No matter which version of The Holy Bible one reads, The Man "Jesus Christ", HIS Mother, Siblings, and followers/disciples, were not Anglos; and the ethnic origin of "Satan", the ever changing, universal patriarch of evil, is unknown.  Because of their shortsightedness, a project to tell a great story; has been met with ridicule, and harsh cynicism...and [probably] rightfully so!  Because Mark and Roma claim to have such high regards for Mr. Obama; they should have taken the aura of haters surrounding his presidency, the things that they do and say to diminish his value into consideration, and been more careful...unless [of course] it was their intentions, in the first place!  Their choice for this part, has only created a quagmire, and fed the likes of [who was the first to point it out] Glen Beck, the Republicans/Tea Party, FOX, etc., giving them more ammunition; to add to their already vile, and juvenile, overrated  arsenal!  Mark and Roma should take a step back, take a good, and bold look at the "big picture", and honestly say that their careless, and/or shortsightedness, is innocent of the scrutiny that is being unleashed upon it!  Unapologetic grandstanding can, and will only bring on more query!  ...I'm just saying!       


History, Mark Burnett Defend Satan's Similarity to President Obama in 'The Bible'

The cable network and EP dismiss claims that the devil was cast for his similarity to the commander in chief, adding that they have "the highest respect" for the president.

The Bible Satan Obama Split - H 2013
The History Channel; Getty Images
After getting flack for casting choices in The Bible, History has come out in defense of what many are calling a similarity between the actor who plays Satan and the president of the United States. 

The network released a joint statement with executive producers Mark Burnett and Roma Downey on Monday morning, shortly after the devil sparked President Obama comparisons with his first appearance in the highly-rated miniseries.
STORY: In History's 'The Bible,' Satan Looks Like President Obama
“History channel has the highest respect for President Obama," read the network statement. "The series was produced with an international and diverse cast of respected actors. It's unfortunate that anyone made this false connection. History’s The Bible is meant to enlighten people on its rich stories and deep history.”
Mohamen Mehdi Ouazanni plays Satan in History's The Bible, and his resemblance to Obama was first pointed out on Twitter by Glenn Beck ahead the of the episode's premiere.
“This is utter nonsense," said Burnett and Downey. The actor who played Satan, Mehdi Ouzaani, is a highly acclaimed Moroccan actor. He has previously played parts in several Biblical epics -- including Satanic characters long before Barack Obama was elected as our president."
TV Review: 'The Bible'
As the two pointed out, this is not Ouazanni's first religious outing. His past telepics include David (1997), Jeremiah (1998), In the Beginning and The Ten Commandments (2006).
Downey, who also plays the Virgin Mary in The Bible, added that they are, in fact, fond of the president.
"Both Mark and I have nothing but respect and love our President, who is a fellow Christian," said Downey. "False statements such as these are just designed as a foolish distraction to try and discredit the beauty of the story of The Bible.”
The Bible continues on History, airing Sundays at 9 p.m., through Easter.

Monday, August 13, 2012

"Whose Blood...Whose Hands!?"

"...Blood on his hands." Is this fool serious? Can any of these BASTARDS [GOP/Tea Party], really throw [proverbial] stones? They should never be permitted; to make certain remarks...metaphorically, literally, or [even] in jest! People die [everyday] in this country, and around the world; because of these greedy, egomaniacal, sycophants! Everything that they do, or say, is suspect and dangerous; for any [regular] person, or real human! "...Blood on his hands." When these witches, and warlocks, start paying the price, or repenting, for the wicked, evil, maniacal things they have, and are still doing to people everywhere; then they'll [maybe] deserve the right, to open those sepulchers they call mouths! They can go ahead and tell all their lies, put up all the "smoke" screens, and manipulate all the evidence that they want, but if the American people buy into that crap, and [stupidly] elect that over-privileged, undeserving, pompous idiot [Mitt Romney] into the office of POTUS; they deserve everything that they get...EVERYTHING! ...I'm just saying!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

"...The Disrespecting Of A People!"

There is no such thing; as the "N" word!  In fact...what the hell is an "N" word?  The word these kinds of people use, is "NIGGER";  and the more America tries to pretend that it's anything else, the worse racial tensions get.  When is America going to stop the hypocrisy?  The word is "NIGGER"...just say it, and get used to it!  Calling it the [pretentious] "N" word, is like saying; the United States of America, is racism free...both of which are lies!  This is the true face, of a lot of Americans; who consider themselves [although they're not - and even if] Caucasians/whites, and are superior to minorities. Anyone thinking this to be an isolated case; is in total denial! Fair skinned Americans, in high numbers, from all segments of government [Executive, Legislative, and Judiciary], and from all walks of life, still support racial segregation, and superiority; fortunately for us, and because most of them are such cowards, they [just] do it, and connive behind closed doors. There're so many Americans who believe that; because we have a president of African heritage, racism is a thing of the past. Oh-h-h-h- the naivety of so many! ...I'm just saying!
After Shooting, Man Allegedly Tells Police He 'Only Shot A N----r'
A Florida man expressed indignation after being arrested July 30 for supposedly shooting a black man in the head,

"...Efforts To Erase A Race!"

If this was not so serious, unfortunate, and despicable; it would be funny...the mere lies, arrogance, and stupidity, of it all! This is almost as ridiculously funny; as a story that my young [Hispanic] friend [Angel] told me, many years ago. He told me that the police had arrested his cousin Juan, for attempted murder; only because his cousin and another guy had gotten into a fight, and the friend had "accidentally" fallen on a knife...32 times! The craziness, and amusement of both stories, is that; they actually believe themselves. REALLY!?
Police Claim Handcuffed 21-Year-Old Shot Himself In The Head
A 21-year-old man was found shot in the head while handcuffed in the back of a patrol car Saturday night. Now

Monday, July 23, 2012

"...Woe Unto A Blood Thirsty Nation!"

12 dead, 58 others injured, families all over the US [including his] distraught, shaken, and apprehensive today, because of the mis-guided, immature, and irresponsible choice that he made; now, his attorney want him to wear the "frightened", "I'm confused", mental look!  Not that it'll make a difference to them; but all of those thieves [who call themselves Leaders] in Washington, DC, should be given front row seats at the autopsies, and crime scene photo presentation, in this case.  They need to see the damage; that their irresponsible behaviours cause!  They should [either] be at the autopsies, or be forced to sit in a locked room, with bread and water [the no good Bums], tasered if they turn away; and forced to watch the videos, and photographs over and over, for at least three days.  At first, no one could beat the cigarette industry; eventually, someone found a way...the same thing should be done, with the gun industry!  Senator McCain had the nerve, to compare the one time, very rare situation in Norway [July 2011]; to this lawless, violent, "Sodom and Gomorrah" of a country [The US]?  No wonder he can't win the presidency.  Again I have to ask, here we are in a country that brags of being the greatest nation on God's earth; so, how is it that almost 3500 [teens and children alone] are killed every year, because of gun violence?  Is that what being great is all about?  Americans rose up, to give Dick Cheney permission to carry out a lying, thievery, murderous attack on Iraq; which killed and maimed hundreds of thousands of Iraqis and Americans...under the guise of "Terrorism"!  What in HELL do you people think, the violence in this country is; when a 10 year old girl can't sell candy in front of her own house, a 6 year old can't go to the movies with her parent, or a struggling, immigrant store owner can't run his business in peace?  This is terrorism America...this is terrorism!  This could [all] come to an end; if our so called leaders, would stop "PROSTITUTING" themselves to these various lobbyists.  If we are their "Pimps" because we send them to Washington, then they owe us big time; unfortunately, all we ever get out of them, is a pile of dog crap...a load of sanctimonious platitudes!  Americans need to rise up again...this time, to tell Washington, we are DAMNED tired of their lackadaisical attitudes; and we're not going to take it anymore!  PERIOD!!!!  Why should these self centered, useless, miscreants, sit on their greedy, overpaid behinds, and pretend that they don't know how to solve these problems; when that's [exactly] what we're paying them to do?  If any of us were to be in the employ of any of these Bums, doing the kind of terrible, childish, in-fighting, jobs that they're doing; they would have us fired, in a heart beat, and maybe [even] punished...why should they have a free pass?  How can we call other countries "3rd World Nations"; when we [claiming to be #1 of] the so called "1st World Nations", still live such barbaric lives?  Make no mistakes, if these things were hitting close to home for those idiots in Washington, DC, especially GOP/Tea Party, NRA Lobbyists, and others (Democrats, Republicans, or Independents); we would have solutions by now!  This young man may have pulled the triggers, that caused so many families to be grieving today, and so many people to be in pain; but the blame for his actions, fall in the laps of people like the "Butthead" senator from Wisconsin, Senator McCain, and all of those overpaid degenerates in DC; who try to make excuses, and/or justifies such bad behaviours.  When 19 year old Michael P. Fay was caned in Singapore [1994], Americans were outraged; yet, since he returned to the US, look at how much trouble he's gotten into.  His is an example of how we encourage bad behaviours in this country, and why we have the most dysfunctional, and violent society; in the [entire] developed world!  What is wrong with that picture?  No matter how many vigils, candles, balloons, and/or memorials are held, if those in charge don't change the rules, stop their greed, and cease their immature, irresponsible, and narcissistic bickering; this will happen again, and again, and again, and again!   

...I'm just saying!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

"...No More Knives To A Gun Fight!"

These Republican/Tea Party Douche Bags, need to start getting a taste of their own medicine. They are such rude, vulgar, and discourteous miscreants; yet, no one stands up to them! They go about [unapologetically] disrespecting, and disregarding people, programs, and offices, because other folks don't agree with them; yet everyone, Democratic leaders especially, draws into a corner, with their ...tails between their legs...too afraid to retaliate! When there're no consequences for bullying, the end for the victim is it physical, and/or emotional! It is time to stand up to these worn out "WCs" [Waste Containers], like Alan Simpson, Ann Coulter, Allen West, Jan Brewer, Dick Cheney, Michelle Bachmann, Rand Paul, Sarah Palin, etc., and let them know that we have taken enough, we got their game, and now we're ready; to bring down whole cans of powerful "Whop Ass" on their miserable, meaningless existence, if they persist! These unnecessary, and useless wastes to creation, and enemies to culture, who call themselves humans, make a powerful argument; that Satan is real, his spawns are amongst us, and Democrats, and the rest of America should grow backbones, and unleash the proper insecticide, on these bugs! ENOUGH IS diseased maggots! Since the Democratic Leadership, and those who are financially able, are not willing, or are too afraid to stand up to these degenerates; then, they should open up a media [forum] and give some of us who are not afraid of them, the opportunity to deal with them! Alan Simpson is as old as Dirt, and has nothing new, or relevant; to bring to this table! Janice "Jan" Brewer is supposed to be only 67 years old, she looks like the poster child for BOTOX; and [probably] holds a lifetime membership in the Aryan Nation. Because of the evil [the love of money] of this society; Dick "Satan's Spawn" Cheney has received a new heart, to contaminate! In Sarah Palin's case, for her to have relevance, she has to [first] put down this persona of intelligence, and reclaim her id; as the Scarecrow, in The Wizard of Oz! Rand Paul is just an ignorant little worm, trying so hard to fit into the "big boys club"; that he ends up speaking out of the part of his mouth, that he sits on! Allen West - like Alan Keyes, J. C. Watts, Michael Steele, Armstrong Williams, Larry Elder, etc. - thinks that by making a complete Ass of himself, and insulting other minorities; he would be accepted as an equal, in the GOP...WRONG! Michelle Bachmann...what a lost cause - a non-entity! Ann Coulter is not angry at Liberals and/or Democrats, the mutant [that she is] is angry at her parents; because every time she passes a mirror, and sees what is reflected in it, she tries to take it out on others! I could go on, but you get the point that; it is time to fight fire, with fire! ...I'm just saying!See More
Former Sen. Alan Simpson is not happy with the California Alliance for Retired Americans.

Friday, May 18, 2012

"...Education Or Expression, What's More Important?"

It's bad enough, that the US is down the list in the international community, for eduction; and this is the best that the students can think of?  Some of these [so called] parents should be thrown in jail; for impersonating parenthood!  In fact, I feel all schools in the US should have MANDATORY uniform policy!  If nothing else, studies have shown; that kids who attend schools [Private, Charter, Parochial, etc.] with [mandatory] uniform policies, make better grades overall.  Maybe it's because, they don't have to worry about the new fashions in the classroom; and there's [definitely] more discipline!  All of this nonsense, can only contribute to distractions, and in some cases; bring disruption in the day-to-day operation of the school, and/or even chaos!   There're young [future] leaders right here in the US, and around the world, who would give anything for a sound education; and here we have idiots over here, and their [so called] parents, wasting the tax payers' money!  It is not good enough to brag about being the greatest nation on earth, because we can intimidate, coerce, manipulate, and/or bomb and bully other countries; while we have [comparatively] some of THE most undisciplined, and dysfunctional, kids on earth...and a system that encourages them.  I know for a fact that, teachers are forced to pass students to the next grade; though they've failed [miserably] and do not deserve it...because the system give the parents the right to demand it!  Teachers are being laid off, schools and libraries are being closed for lack of funds; while we spend $400M [Four Hundred Million US Dollars] a piece, on military aircrafts, that we don't need!  The US has one of THE most disrespectful societies; in the entire developed world, and beyond.  We are raising some of THE most disrespectful kids on this planet; because we permit them to do the parenting, and raise themselves!  Some of us allow our children to pick up, and carry on ridiculous behaviours, knowing the type of society that we live in, and knowing the "signs of the times"; and we call that 'giving them a chance to express themselves'...RUBBISH!  How does a child wearing such a hairdo to school, help him; or a child wearing his/her pants halfway down the thigh, showing their underwear/behinds; a Doo-Rag to a function, where folks are properly dressed; using vulgarity [even] in the presence of elders; or spitting all over the place for no apparent reason, help them?  This country is a "Melting Pot" of cultural diversities, and if we'd just incorporate some of the wonderful lessons of our ethnic upbringing, into the raising of our children; we should have THE most educated, respectful, and disciplined kids/society, on this planet!  We watch the news, and there is a new pair of $160-$180 [USD] "Air Jordans" coming out, and people are camping out overnight; just to be the first, to get a pair...and it's usually the ones who can least afford them!  What values are we teaching our kids, when a [so called] parent works 2 or 3 jobs, or is on welfare, or doing illegal things have decided that; the child MUST have a pair?  I personally know families who live in million dollar homes, drive some of the best cars, and have some fat bank accounts; yet, their kids cook, clean, have curfews, are punished, and must have good grades, etc.  Then, I [also] know folks who call themselves parents, working their fingers to the bone, living in the Ghetto/projects, can barely make ends meet; yet, they cook and clean after their kids, the kids are out of hand, they permit them to speak to them anyway they wish, eight, nine, ten, eleven year olds, are out in the streets after 9, 10, 11 o'clock at night.  In fact they [the so called parents], many times, have no idea where the kids are.  At least this kid is smart enough, to decide to have the image removed, unlike his poor excuse for a mother; who is arguing that she had permission!  If we don't stop this nonsense that we're doing in raising our kids, the streets will raise them for us; which can [more than likely] lead them to one - if not all - of three final destinations...H-P-C [hospital, prison, or the cemetery]!  ...I'm just saying!